Summit Objectives and category of participants

The main objective of African Hepatitis Summit 2023 is to galvanize commitment by leaders at the highest level of government, private sector, and civil society on innovative regional collaboration/partnership towards ending the challenge of viral hepatitis in Africa.

Specifically, the meeting will address the following objectives.

  1. Explore existing local investment/financing opportunities towards hepatitis elimination in Africa: AfDB; ACDC; AU; World Bank
  2. Focus on HBV elimination across Africa
  3. Focus on strategies for prevention of hepatocellular carcinoma across Africa
  4. Engage the broader stakeholders on how to implement the actions of the AU declaration on Viral Hepatitis.
  5. Mobilize various stakeholders to share best practice examples, learnings and experiences.
  6. Provide an African-led platform for learning and sharing on innovative policy measures and programme implementation for viral hepatitis prevention and control in Africa.
  7. Provide a scientific and public health program on viral hepatitis that is purely tailored to the needs of the African region.
  8. To recognise the achievements made to date, identify gaps in global, regional, and national responses and explore opportunities for closing those gaps across the continuum of care, and specifically in regard to access to diagnostics and medications.
  9. To identify how hepatitis elimination can be embedded in UHC programmes and across evolving health systems amidst COVID-19.